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About Open Access

The objective of Open Access is to provide free access to research output: articles, conference reports, doctoral dissertations and theses, other published or unpublished materials. The development of Open Access enhances opportunities to disseminate the results of research, ensure their worldwide visibility by providing members of the academic community with extensive access to global scientific resources.

Open Access to scholarly publications is provided via open access journals, archives and repositories:

  • Open Access journals perform peer review of articles and ensure free access to them by the global academic community. The journal-related costs consist of the costs of their peer review, preparation of articles, and support of workstations. The costs of publishing may be covered by educational and scientific institutions, professional and academic communities. The costs of some Open Access journals are covered by the authors who are publishing articles, their institutions or sponsors.
  • Open Access archives or repositories are not involved in peer review of publications but ensure their global accessibility and visibility. Pre-prints that have not been peer reviewed, peer reviewed post-prints or publications of both types can be deposited in them. The repositories may be developed on the basis of an institutional principle, i.e. they may be owned either by a single institution or a network of institutions. Moreover, the archives of materials designated to a specific research subject may be established. In developing the Open Access archives and repositories, it is recommended to keep to the standards supporting the OAI-PMH protocol and ensuring compatibility among the repositories.

The eIFL.net – the network of electronic information for libraries — promotes the development of Open Access. The eIFL-OA Program is aimed at accomplishing several objectives:

  • building a global network of Open Repositories and Open Access journals;
  • providing training and advice on Open Access policies and practices;
  • motivating library professionals, scientists and scholars, educators and students to become the Open Access advocates and bring these ideas into practice.

To ensure visibility of scholarly publications, increase international cooperation and development of global academic community, the IFL.net has created a federated repository for more than 100 open repositories.



Open Access events in Lithuania

21 October 2010
An international conference Possibilities of Worldwide Distribution of Lithuanian Research Journals was arranged at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.
Reports delivered during the conference:
20 November 2009  
An international conference Innovation and Creativity in e-Learning Process financed by the Virtual University Program for Lithuania 2007 – 2012 was arranged at Kaunas University of Technology. The discussion on the situation in Open Access to scholarly information, tendencies and problems worldwide and in Lithuania was held in the Open Access section.
14 October 2008
A workshop Quality Assurance of Scholarly Information in Open Assess Resources took place in the Small Hall at the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Science and Education, Research Council of Lithuania, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education and Lithuanian Research Library Consortium.   Program of the workshop. Photos.
Slides of the presentations:
7 May 2008
By the Initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science and through the mediation of Lithuanian Research Library Consortium, the meeting on the legal framework regulating Open Access in Lithuania and in the European Union took place at the Government of Lithuania.  Agenda. Slides of the presentations: Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication, Open Access in Lithuania – only in Lithuanian.
16 June 2005
The seminar Open Access Initiative – Breakthrough in Research Output Publications? was arranged in the Senate Hall at Vilnius University (Universiteto str. 3, Vilnius). Program and slides of the seminar – only in Lithuanian.
21 – 22 February 2005
LMBA arranged an Open Access Scholarly Communication Workshop, which took place in Vilnius, at VU Distance Learning Centre. On 21 February, the workshop was broadcasted to the VGTU studio of video conferences. On 21-22 February, the workshop was broadcasted via internet. The audience of the workshop consisted of policy makers, scientists, library professionals and programmers working with research databases. Program and slides of the presentations. About the speakers.  Video recordings: log in as a guest. In the opened window under the heading View records select Open Access Scholarly Communication Workshop, under the heading View records select the presentation which you are willing to view and listen to. If during the browsing process you are willing to return to the Main menu, select a Session button, and in the right side of the opened window select a report which you are willing to view. After you have viewed the report, select Log off.



Year 2010

Year 2009

  • ŠTREIMIKIS, Antanas; KUČIUKAS, Vilius; TAUTKEVIČIENĖ, Gintarė; BLOVEŠČIŪNIENĖ, Lina. International Integration of the Electronic Academic Library of Lithuania (eLABA) (Available only in Lithuanian as: Lietuvos akademinės elektroninės bibliotekos (eLABa) integravimas tarptautinėje erdvėje. Innovation and creativity in e-learning [Elektroninis išteklius]: international conference, 20th of November, 2009, Kaunas: conference proceedings. Kaunas: [s.n.], 2009, p. 1-8.)
  • TAUTKEVIČIENĖ, Gintarė; BLOVEŠČIŪNIENĖ, Lina; ŠTREIMIKIS, Antanas; KUČIUKAS, Vilius. Open Access Repositories’ Development Tendencies and Problems (Available only in Lithuanian as: Atviros prieigos talpyklų kūrimo tendencijos ir problematika. Innovation and Creativity in e-Learning, 20th November, 2009, Kaunas, Lithuania [elektroninis išteklius]: international conference proceedings. Kaunas: [s.n.], 2009, p. [1-7].)
  • TAUTKEVIČIENĖ, Gintarė; KUCHMA, Iryna; CESEVIČIŪTĖ, Ieva. The Role of Open Access in the Scholarly Communication Process. Changes in Social and Business Environment: proceedings of the 3rd international conference, November 4-5, 2009, Kaunas University of Technology Panevėžys Institute, Lithuania: selected papers. Kaunas: Technologija, 2009, p. 438-444.
  • KUPRIENĖ, Juratė; PETRAUSKIENĖ, Žibutė. Open Access to scientific Publications: Situation in Lithuania. Scienscominfo: Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication, 2009, Vol. 5, No. 2
  • KRETAVIČIENĖ, Meilė. Experiences of Lithuanian DOAJ-journal. Scienscominfo: Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication, 2009, Vol. 5, No. 1

Year 2008

  • KRETAVIČIENĖ, Meilutė; TAUTKEVIČIENĖ, Gintarė. Open Access to Scholarly Information: Situation, Tendencies, Problems. (Available only in Lithuanian as: Mokslinės informacijos atvira prieiga: situacija, tendencijos, problemos. INFOBALT 2008 [elektroninis išteklius] : Dešimtoji tarptautinė konferencija Informacinė visuomenė 2008: e. verslo, inovacijų ir eksporto skatinimas, 2008 m. lapkričio 17-18 d. :bibliotekų elektroninės informacijos infrastruktūros kūrimas ir e. paslaugos mokslui, studijoms, visuomenei ir verslui : seminaro medžiaga. Vilnius: Lietuvos Nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka, 2008, p. [1-6].)
  • KRETAVIČIENĖ, Meilė. The Meeting on Open Access in the European Union and Lithuania, 7 May 2008. Scienscominfo: Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication, 2008,Vol. 4 No. 2
  • KRETAVIČIENĖ, Meilė. Open Access in the Baltic Countries. Scienscominfo: Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication, 2008, Vol. 4 No.1.



Lithuania’s Institutional Open Access Repositories and Journals:

eLABa – Electronic Academic Library of Lithuania
ETD – Lithuanian Electronic Thesis and Dissertations
Kaunas College Institutional Repository – a digital repository of Kaunas College of Applied Sciences
LiDA – Lithuanian Humanities and Social Science Data Archive
VGTU Institutional Repository
DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals


Documents regulating Open Access initiatives in Lithuania:

Law on Higher Education and Research of the Republic of Lithuania – Article 45 provides that the results of research shall be announced publicly
Regulations for Open Access to Scholarly Works and Research Results at Vilnius University – only in Lithuanian
Procedure Established at Vytautas Magnus University for Submission of Online Studies and Research Data into the Electronic Academic Library of Lithuania (eLABa) - only in Lithuanian


Lithuania’s participation in Open Access Projects:



More information about Open Access:

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)
Open Access Overview
Open Access Directory
Open Access News
OASIS - Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook
Sherpa/Romeo - Publisher Copyright Policies &Self-Archiving
SPARC – Open Access Newsletter


More information about Open Access initiatives:

Open Archives Initiative
Budapest Open Access Initiative
European Research Advisory Board (EURAB) Policy on Open Access
European Research Council’s Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access
European Council Conclusions on Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Access, Dissemination and Preservation
Recommendations from the European University Association on Open Access

Recommendations for implementation of Open Access in Denmark
IFLA’s statement on Open Access


Open Access journals, archives and repositories:

eLABa - Electronic Academic Library of Lithuania
ETD - Lithuanian Electronic Thesis and Dissertations
LiDA - Lithuanian Humanities and Social Science Data Archive
Kaunas College Institutional Repository - Digital Repository of Kaunas College of Applied Sciences
DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals
DRIVER – Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research
Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing
OpenDOAR – Directory of Open Access Repositories
ROAR – Register of OA Repositories
ROARMAP – Register of Regulations of OA Repositories


Read more

Open Journal Systems: a Complete Guide to Online Publishing (PDF)
Open access advocacy: EIFL-OA online workshop (video) (PPT)




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